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  • New Actor Joins Gönül Dağı Series


    In Gönül Dağı, one of the record-breaking series of TRT 1 tv ratings, the master actress Ruhi Sarı is included in the series with the character of Fikret, the husband of Zahide.


    Gönül Dağı series, which was screened on Saturday evenings and prepared by Köprü Film, was the series that attracted the attention of the audience this season never losing first place in the ratings to other productions.


    The series, which deals with a somewhat naive story and tells the ordinary tales of ordinary life in the middle of the steppe in a striking way, was loved by the audience so much that that everybody was looking forward to every Saturday evening in front of TVs.


    The series, which tells the story of people who are madly passionate about each other without breaking each other, living their love in the steppe, not in the middle, was the best example of being able to get ratings without being broke, without being a mafia, without resorting to violence. 


    Finally, a master actor joins Gönül Dağı Mountain, which was selected as the series of the year by the Turkish Writers Association, with its new episode to be released tonight. 



    Zahide's Husband Is Coming!


    Zahide, a woman left with her children by her husband on Gönül Mountain, is loved by the audience. Zahide, who never married again to take care of her children, always said no to those who wanted her. She did this because she was thinking of her children. However, recently, the town's minibus driver Sefer is loved by town and wants to be married. 


    Although Zahide says no to this marriage, gradually her heart is shifting to Sefer. However, the emerging ex-husband Fikret seems to spoil all of the plans, especially Sefer's plans. Will Zahide forgive Fikret, who returned after so many years, or what will happen between them? It seems certain that there will be a big break in the story of Zahide, which attracts the attention of the audience. 

    It is currently unknown how many episodes will be included in the series with Fikret, which will be played by Ruhi Sarı.



    Who is Ruhi Sarı?


    The master actor Ruhi Sarı, who entered the Gönül Mountain series as Fikret, was born on May 18, 1972 in Trabzon. After graduating from Selcuk University State Conservatory Theater Department after primary, secondary and high school education, the actor made his first experience with the production called Zilyoner. The actor, who took part in many productions, has recently appeared in the series Çukur, Kırmızı Oda and Öğretmen


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